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Rum in bulk

Are you interested in starting a new Rum business or growing an existing one? Are you looking for consistency in quality, stable supply, and short lead times? Let us help you.  

E&A Scheer has been a major bulk Rum supplier to industrial clients for over three centuries. We specialise in sourcing Rum from multiple origins with different profiles and ages. We also create various Rum blends based on your needs and preferences. 

We invite you to explore partnering with us and discover how we can support you in building a sustainable and future-proof business in the Rum industry. Simply complete our Rum Blending Tool questionnaire to tell us more about your desired Rum blend, and we will contact you on how best to help your business.  

Complete our Rum blending Tool questionnaire. 

What is Rum? 

Rum is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented and distilled molasses (a byproduct of cane sugar production), sugarcane juice, and sugarcane syrup. Fermentation spans from controlled industrial processes to spontaneous wild fermentation, while distillation techniques vary from traditional pot stills to contemporary multi-column setups.  

After distillation, Rum can be aged to give it distinctive flavours and colours. Ageing commonly takes place in oak barrels.  

Rum is one of the world’s most diverse and versatile spirits. As such, it showcases various characters, types, and origins. Rum’s flavour is determined by a wide range of aspects, with a few mentionable ones being: 

  • The fermentation process

  • The distillation process

  • The quality of raw materials

  • The location of production

  • The maturation process 

Rum is a versatile drink that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a key ingredient in a wide range of cocktails, such as Mojito, Daiquiri, or Piña Colada. It’s also commonly used in the confectionery, flavour, and fragrance industry  

Available in different quantities 

E&A Scheer offers different quantities of Rum in bulk depending on your volume projections. Generally, you can order bulk Rum in any quantity above 1,000 Lt / 264 gallons. Here are some of our packaging options:

  • IBC/tote: 1,000 Lt / 264 gallons 

  • ISO Tank: starting from 20,800 Lt / 5,500 gallons (depending on the region) 

  • Tank truck: starting from 30,000 Lt / 8,000 gallons (depending on weight and region restrictions)

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Various packaging options

Knowing your desired volume helps our Master Blenders decide which distillates to use, ensuring stable supply and consistency. 

Additionally, we’re seasoned in navigating the logistical complexities of exporting high-strength spirits to different markets. With flexible packaging (drums, IBC, and ISO tanks), we can fulfil your various needs for bulk Rum purchases.  

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E&A Scheer: Your supplier for every type of Rum 

We offer a complete spectrum of styles (and type profiles) both in bulk and in individual casks. Moreover, we’re committed to tailoring Rum blends according to your needs and preferences. To give you a general overview, here are just a few types of Rum we can work with. Please note that this list doesn’t contain every available Rum type at E&A Scheer, as we create bespoke Rum blends based on your specifications.

At E&A Scheer, we have all types of Rum available, which enables us to offer the full spectrum of styles, flavours and tastes.

All sort of Rums available

Light Rum 

  • Smooth and neutral profile 

  • Typically produced from molasses in a column still 

  • Also known as white/silver Rum 

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Heavy Rum 

  • Robust flavour and aroma 

  • Popular among Rum connoisseurs 

  • A common ingredient in the flavour and fragrance industry 

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Aged Rum 

  • Rich and complex flavour 

  • Aged from a few years to decades in casks 

  • Excellent alternative to whiskeys and bourbon 

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Batavia Arrack 

  • Produced exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia 

  • Fermentation is aided by local red rice 

  • Widely used in the flavour and fragrance industry 

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  • Made from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice 

  • Single distilled product, bottled between 38% and 48% ABV (76-96 proof) 

  • Must come from Brazil; recognised as a Geographical Indication (GI) 

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Create a bespoke Rum blend 

Do you want to create a tailor-made Rum blend to help you build your brand? We can do that. Rum is produced in various regions with different histories. Our Master Blenders specialise in combining and blending the right components to create a Rum blend that matches your specifications.  

Let us know your preferred flavour profile, style, and other requirements. Using our industry know-how and network, together with your input, we’ll develop a blend that’s unique to you. 

Complete our Rum Blending Tool questionnaire

Where we can help you 

We’re committed to accompanying our partners on every step of the Rum production process. Here is the full scope of where we can support your business. 

Sourcing bulk Rum

We make Rum sourcing easy for all in a sustainable manner. With over three centuries of operation, we’ve been fortunate to accrue a global network of partners in Rum production, which helps us find the necessary ingredients to create distinctive Rum blends and are possible to supply single cask rare and aged Rums. 

Bespoke Rum blends

We create bespoke Rum blends in bulk based on your specifications. Any age. Any origin. Any price. Moreover, we can reproduce these custom-made blends with the same quality and consistency.  

Why you should consider E&A Scheer

At E&A Scheer, we’re committed to helping your business in the Rum industry. Besides having a full spectrum of Rum to create any Rum blend, we also offer a stable supply of bulk Rum, improved lead times, and more.   

  • Continuous, consistent, and controlled

We develop long-term and trusted relationships with suppliers. This, along with our large inventory and blending capability, increases the certainty in supply compared to sourcing from individual producers.  

  • Short lead time

Due to our vast inventory, you can benefit from a shorter lead time. Orders are typically ready to be shipped within 7 - 10 days. 

  • Committed to supporting your business 

Thanks to our enduring partnerships all over the globe, we’ve gained substantial knowledge on every level of the Rum industry. Depending on what you need on the value chain, we can connect you to bottlers, distributors, brand owners, and more.  

Create your Rum blend today 

Frequently asked questions about bulk Rum at E&A Scheer 

What is Rum made from? 

Rum is an alcoholic beverage made from fermenting and distilling sugarcane byproducts, such as molasses or sugarcane juice. Each region and distillery has their own traditions of producing Rum, which results in a wide range of characters and types. 

How do you source Rum?  

Rum is usually sourced from the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, regions with a high concentration of sugarcane production. At E&A Scheer, we have long-standing partnerships with suppliers from 40+ countries, giving us a continuous and consistent source. By working with us, you gain instant access to an infinite amount of Rum blends.

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Rum Blending Tool

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