Flavour & fragrance industry

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Flavour&Fragrance industry

Supplying raw materials to the flavour & fragrance industry 

Rum, Cachaça, and Batavia Arrack are common natural ingredients in the production of flavours and fragrances. In fact, E&A Scheer supplies most of the leading flavour and fragrance companies - and is considered by most as the go-to Rum specialist.

As a reliable partner for global clients with multiple production locations, you can rely on our proven capability to supply any blend in any volume, anywhere. All while guaranteeing the exact same consistency of product and quality time after time. And all supported by a deep knowledge of the relevant certifications and regulatory issues associated with alcohol and dangerous goods.  

The team can work in partnership with your flavourists to identify and develop the perfect sugarcane distillate for your specific applications. Kosher Rums, Rums without caramel, high ester Rums, extremely oaky Rums… whatever your requirements, we will source, blend, and supply exactly what you need. To get started, why not try out the unique Blending Tool?

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Rum Blending Tool

The Rum Blending Tool represents the first step on the journey to your perfect bespoke Rum blend.  
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