Rum, Rhum, Ron

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Rum is a distilled product made from sugarcane. We can create endless different qualities with our blending process at E&A Scheer.

Rum, Rhum, Ron

Rum is a distilled product made from sugarcane. It is one of the most diverse spirits in the world. In our blending process, we work with all types of Rum available.


Rum comes in an enormous variety of characters and types. Because of this variety, we can create endless different qualities. Rum is produced on many islands and in different countries and regions throughout the world. Each origin has its own styles and traditions. Fermentation methods vary widely from industrially controlled to naturally wild. Rum is produced in a wide range of stills, from very artisan pot stills to modern multi-column stills and comes in aged- and unaged form.


Light Rum

Light Rum is a Rum type that is generally produced in a column still and typically has a neutral flavour. It is also known as white or silver Rum. This type comes fresh from the still. It's typically made from molasses and is known for its light, smooth flavour profile. Light Rum is clear in colour and is often used in cocktails due to its versatility and ability to blend well with other flavours. We offer light Rum from many different origins.


Heavy / high ester Rum

Heavy / high ester Rum is a Rum known for its strong flavour and aroma. It is a unique style of Rum that was originally produced as a blending component. Nowadays, it is also popular among connoisseurs and aficionados and is often used in cocktails and mixed drinks.


Esters are organic compounds responsible for the fruity and floral flavours and aromas in many types of alcohol. In Rum, esters are produced during the fermentation process and can be influenced by various factors, including the type of yeast used, the temperature and length of fermentation, and the type of still used for distillation.


Heavy / high ester Rums can have a wide range of flavours and aromas, depending on the specific production methods used. They can be fruity, spicy, earthy, or even cheesy, with a powerful, intense character that sets them apart from other types of Rum. In addition, high ester Rums are widely used as a raw material by flavour- & fragrance companies. 


Aged Rum

Aged Rum is a premium spirit beloved by connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. This type of Rum is produced by aging the distilled spirit in oak barrels for an extended period of time, resulting in a rich and complex flavor profile that can rival some of the world's finest whiskeys.


The process of making aged Rum begins with the fermentation of sugarcane juice or molasses. The resulting liquid is then distilled and aged in oak barrels made from various woods, such as American oak, French oak, or even Sherry casks. The ageing time can vary from just a few years to decades.


During the aging process, the Rum takes on the flavors and characteristics of the oak barrels. The wood imparts notes of vanilla, caramel, and spice while also mellowing the harshness of the alcohol. Over time, the Rum will also take on a darker color, ranging from amber to mahogany, due to the interaction with the wood. We offer a wide range of different types of aged Rum.




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