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The start

Three centuries of Rum heritage

In the 18th Century, E&A Scheer is established by brothers Evert and Anthonie Scheer. The company is formally known as a Comptoir de negotie: a counting house of negotiation selling wines and spirits to customers around the world. Batavia Arrack is the first Rum type to be included in the portfolio.
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the 19th century

Supplying Rum around the world

In the 19th century, E&A Scheer starts to develop bespoke blends from the Rums stored in the company’s Amsterdam warehouse. Together with a large inventory, this guarantees a consistent product is always available at short notice. All Rums are shipped in bulk from bonded warehouses direct to customers for industrial use or bottling. 
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Through the years

The one stop Rum shop

In 2001, the company acquires the shares of Liverpool-based The Main Rum Company, specialists in exceedingly rare, single barrel Rums. These casks are ideal for limited edition Rums at the very top end of the market. Together, E&A Scheer and The Main Rum Company now offer a single destination for any and every kind of Rum available. 

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New markets and uses

E&A Scheer has evolved a full-service, partnership-oriented company for customers in over 60 countries. In recent years, the company has rapidly increased volumes and expanded into new markets such as fragrances & flavourings and confectionery. An integrated logistics service is also available where required 


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Recognised by the Dutch Royal Court

After blending and supplying bulk Rums across the globe over the last three centuries, E&A Scheer was exceptionally proud to be recognised by the Dutch Royal Court in 2017. The right to carry the royal mark is appointed only after the most scrupulous selection process and represents industry leadership, an untarnished reputation, and a distinguished track record of quality, reliability, and continuity. 
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