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The Main Rum Company houses an excellent selection of premium aged Rums since 1984


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Rare and aged Rums in cask

The Main Rum Company sources rare, aged and old Rums, keeping them in our cellars for further development and release to our discerning client base at the right moment. We house an excellent selection of premium aged Rums in cask from a wide array of origins and distilleries from around the globe. 

Broad selection of premium quality rare, and aged Rums
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A unique


for rare and aged

Rums in cask

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We offer the opportunity to purchase exceptional, rare and aged Rums in cask from around the world and provide the industry with a variety of options to enter the premium Rum marketplace.
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Our products and offerings

We work with our clients to fully understand their projects and the type of Rum they are looking for. With more than 40 years of experience, we are able to help new clients enter the market as well as supply some of the market's leading operators. 
Rare and aged Rums in cask
We offer a wide range of Rums, which have been sleeping in different casks, from the normal ‘once-used’ Bourbon barrels to French oak, Cognac, Malt Whisky and Sherry casks.
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Premium Accessibility
A wide range of premium aged Rum from various origins and distilleries around the world.
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Cask Selection Tool
We have developed the cask selection tool to determine which cask will best suit your needs.
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Choose any type of Rum

Completely specialised 
in Sugarcane 

At E&A Scheer we have all types of Rum available, which enables us to offer the full spectrum of styles, flavors and tastes available. We are specialists in creating custom-made Rum blends, a unique service in the World.
Rum is a distilled product made from sugarcane. We can create endless different qualities with our blending process at E&A Scheer.
Rum, Rhum, Ron
Rum is a distilled product made from sugarcane. It comes in an enormous variety of characters, types and origins, making Rum one of the most diverse spirits in the world. Because of this variety, we can create endless different qualities with our blending process at E&A Scheer.
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Rare and aged Rum

Together we collect your special cask

We procure the quality for further maturation in cask. The maturation process aids the Rum on its journey to add layers of complexity using natural extractives from the various wood types used for maturation to create rich flavour profiles. We offer bespoke selections from our cask inventory to help you find the right Rum for your requirements. 


Rum in bulk

E&A Scheer

Our parent company E&A Scheer is one of the Worlds leading suppliers of bulk blended Rum. The team in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, are able to create bespoke blends using Rums from more than 35 origins that can be consistently reproduced.

Rum Blend
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