Rare and aged Rums in cask

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Rare and old Rums

Premium Rum: from cane to cask 

The final stage in the journey from ‘cane to cask’ takes place when the Rum is added to wooden casks for maturation over a number of years.  

Over time, the wood interacts and breathes, transforming the liquid inside. Most importantly of all, the oak cask itself imbues the spirit with its own unique and highly distinctive character.  

When finally awoken from its slumber, the final Rum can reach a premium level of quality comparable to fine old Cognacs and single malt whiskies. 

What do we mean by 'Cask'? 

Cask is the general term for wooden, usually barrel-shaped containers of varying sizes. An American cask is approximately 200 litres in size. A puncheon is between 285 and 350 litres. And a hogshead around 250 litres.  

Our Rum types 

The Main Rum Company offers single cask aged Rums with provenance. Origin status can be maintained or mixed to produce a variety of flavours and styles, from light-bodied to the most complex of Rums. Provenance represents a particular advantage, as each Rum style has a unique story to tell - and an authentic heritage to taste. 

Flexible supply options 

We can deliver your Rum in 200 litre drums or 1,000 litre IBCs. These food-grade containers are versatile when it comes to transportation, but above all provide uncompromising protection for your product. We can pack the casks on a pallet or fill drums or IBC ready for transport, whichever you prefer. 

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