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E&A Scheer provides access to an unrivalled selection of Rum, Cachaça, and Batavia Arrack from distilleries across the globe. We offer the complete spectrum of styles and profiles both in bulk and in individual casks. We are unique in offering this breadth of range – and this level of flexibility. 

Rum products
Rum, Rhum, Ron
Produced from fermented and distilled sugarcane, Rum is one of the world’s most diverse and versatile spirits. As such, it showcases a vast array of characters, types, and origins – providing endless possibilities for our master blenders to create your unique and distinctive blend.
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Rum Batavia Arrack
Batavia Arrack
Batavia Arrack is a pot distilled Indonesian Rum produced on the island of Java. The difference lies in the use of local red rice which is added to the molasses. See its potential for your products and markets with our expert guidance.
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Rum Cachaça
Cachaça is a Brazilian sugarcane distillate crafted from sugarcane juice rather than syrup or molasses. Discover Cachaça of Brazil, a sugarcane distillate renowned for its unique flavour.
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Rum blends for various markets
E&A Scheer supplies Rum, Batavia Arrack and Cachaca in bulk for various markets. Based on your preferences our Rum blenders create a bespoke Rum blend. 
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