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Published February 2024 | Average reading time: 2-3 minutes

Rum Supply

Are you a Rum supplier looking to sell your Rum in bulk? Look no further. We invite you to explore a partnership with E&A Scheer as we’re dedicated to helping Rum suppliers build a forward-looking and sustainable Rum business. We are open to collaborating on different kind of volumes and Rum types.

Start supplying your Rum today

Why supply your Rum to E&A Scheer? 

In the span of three centuries, we have transformed into a full-service, partnership-oriented Rum organisation, servicing suppliers and customers across 60+ countries. Whether you’re interested in supplying Rum or sugarcane distillates, we provide tailored guidance and a collaborative platform to help your business.

Manage inventory

We are here to help you manage Rum production output or aged Rum stocks, especially when surpluses are involved. By supplying your Rum to E&A Scheer, it’s possible for you to convert excess production, surplus inventory or aged Rum casks into capital, from which you can reinvest in different areas of your business. 

Enhancing your sustainability goals

Is your business pursuing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals? We can also help you. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission is clear; E&A Scheer feels the responsibility to become a good example of a transparent and socially responsible business within the Rum value chain. We also want to motivate others to join this movement, and we can support you in enhancing your ESG profile within the Rum industry supply chain.

Increase your exposure

E&A Scheer helps you build exposure for your product in the Rum world and introduce your product to a wide range of independent bottlers worldwide. We’re committed to aiding our partners at all levels of the Rum supply chain. 

How to supply your Rum

We are always happy to discuss establishing partnerships with Rum suppliers. We are open to working on smaller and larger volumes across all types of Rum: fresh, aged, light, heavy, or experiments. If you would like to know more about how to supply your Rum to E&A Scheer, here are the steps you can take. 

Get in touch with our Rum specialists

Using our contact form, you can reach out to our Rum specialists to discuss a collaboration with E&A Scheer. Our specialists have extensive industry knowledge and are committed to understanding your business needs. 

Discuss collaboration opportunities

We will reach out to you after receiving your message. Through open dialogue, we aim to understand your business needs and how we can service you in the best way possible.  Simply contact us about the type of Rum you produce and the type of collaboration you’re looking for to get started.

Contact us

Do you need more information? 

We are here to answer your questions about supplying Rum at E&A Scheer. Do you need more information? Use our contact form and fill in your requests. We are here to answer your questions and provide the support and guidance you need throughout the process.

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Explore the possibilities as a Rum supplier at E&A Scheer

We’re always looking to establish partnerships with Rum suppliers worldwide. If you’re interested in supplying Rum to us, please reach out to us using the contact form.

Supply your Rum to E&A Scheer

Frequently asked questions about E&A Scheer

Does E&A Scheer purchase rare Rum?

Yes, E&A Scheer purchases rare Rum. In conjunction with our sister organisation, the Main Rum Company, we’re constantly searching for unique casks across the world. We source all types of Rum from over 40 origins, from Central America to the Pacific Islands and from the Caribbean to the Islands of East Africa. Do you have something special, please let us know.

Do you offer free valuations for my Rum?

No, we do not offer free valuations for your Rum. At E&A Scheer, we perform valuations upon your request to supply Rum. In such a case, we will request samples for evaluation of the quality and for valuation purposes.  


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Our specialist buyers are here and always happy to discuss the opportunity of developing a long-term partnership based on mutual benefits and sustainable success.  
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