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Experts in rare and aged Rums in cask

History at The Main Rum Company
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The start

Founded in 1984 by Benjamin J. Cross de Chavannes

The Main Rum Company was founded in 1984 by Ben Cross de Chavannes, formally of Booker Sugar. During his tenure at Booker Sugar, Ben sought out barrel aged Rum for long-term maturation. In doing so, he forged strong relationships within the industry that endure to this day. 

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Through the years

On stop Rum shop

In 2001, The Main Rum Company merged with E&A Scheer, the Dutch specialist in bespoke Rum blends. E&A Scheer provides a wide range of Rums, from light to aged to high-ester blends. Together, we provide a genuine one stop shop for all your Rum needs. 
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A company with a unique selection of cask aged Rums

We are proud to hold a unique selection of unique, old, rare, and aged Rum in cask. Tropical. Continental. Aged Rums from closed distilleries. Rums matured in different wood types. All exceptional, without exception. These single casks are typically bottled as high end, limited editions 
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Preparing for the future

Our specialist procurement team is constantly searching for new distilleries, unique stories, and exceptional casks. We work closely with our industry partners, leveraging the power of close working relationships to remain at the forefront of the premium Rum market. 
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