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Unique selection

An unrivalled selection

Our expertise and our connections serve to provide a unique perspective on the market for premium aged Rum. Passionate, experienced, collaborative. Our team is focused on maintaining the most exceptional inventory available anywhere in the world.  


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Rum sourcing

Expertise in Rum sourcing 

Our highly experienced procurement experts select a wide collection of exceptional rare and aged Rums from an equally diverse range of origins and distilleries. We then store these jewels in cask for further maturation. 



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Continuous monitoring

Our specialists are keen in selecting the best possible type and age of Rum for your project. Constantly monitoring our inventory, they draw upon their expertise to ensure each is only released at the optimal moment.  

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Selecting the perfect cask

We strongly believe in traceability and know the story and background behind each and every cask. Needless to say, we will share this information as soon as you have made your final selection.  


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Use our unique Cask Selector to determine the most suitable casks for your needs. 
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