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Are you thinking about launching a new Rum business, or expanding the range of an existing one? Or perhaps you are experiencing inconsistencies in your current supplies or long lead times? Our vast industry expertise, dedicated resources, and long-term perspective are here to support you in building a future-proof industry presence and driving sustainable success over the long-term.  

As an independent company, E&A Scheer offers access to an unrivalled selection of Rum varieties from over 40 distilleries and origins worldwide, including Fairtrade-certified and Bonsucro Rum. Thanks to enduring partnerships with suppliers all over the globe, the company has gained substantial knowledge on countless Rum distilleries, types, and styles.  

This vast inventory and unrivalled expertise are ready to go to work on your behalf, creating bespoke Rum blends in bulk based on your specifications and requirements. Any age. Any origin. Any price. The team of blenders will develop and supply your blend in bulk and have it ready to ship within ten days of receiving your order. We will then continue to reproduce it with complete consistency and uncompromising quality time after time. 

We also provide specialist advice on the optimal use of Rum, Batavia Arrack, and Cachaça for drinks, flavour & fragrance, and confectionery industries. 

Why create your bespoke Rum blend with E&A Scheer?

  • Bespoke Rum blends tailored to your precise requirements.
  • Blends reproduced with uncompromising consistency.
  • More control over prices compared to sourcing from individual producers.
  • Non-competitive outlet for bulk Rum and aged Rums in cask.
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