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Dedicated team of Rum professionals

Team The Main Rum Company 

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Sourcing specialists

Experienced in Rum sourcing

Our team is experienced and knows all about Rum. We travel the world selecting and buying many Rum types from various origins and many distilleries. We keep these jewels in cask for further maturation.


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Monitoring specialists

Continuous monitoring and management of Rum

Our cellar masters do regular checks to determine if and when Rums are ready for release and can be sold within our continuously expanding client base. Years of experience and a strong commitment to monitoring our cask inventory are key in the cask selection and maturation of the Rum.


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Specialists in cask selection

Selecting the perfect cask for your project

We strongly believe in traceability, so we know all the stories and backgrounds for each and every cask. Selecting the best possible cask, Rum type and age for your project is what our specialists are passionate about. After the selection of your casks, we provide you with this detailed information.


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The Main Rum Company team

At the forefront of the aged Rum market

Our experience and connections give us a unique perspective of the aged Rum market. Our team is passionate about the industry and work hard to ensure we have the best inventory and supply available. We take the time getting to know our clients so they can trust that the cask they select is the best cask for their project. 


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