Creating Custom-Made

Rum Blends

The blends we create are always based on your specifications

Rum, Rhum, Ron

Rum is a distillate produced from sugarcane. It is one of the most divers spirits in the World. In our blending process, we work with all types of Rum available.

Rum comes in an enormous variety of characters and types: Unaged Rum, Aged Rum, Column Still Rum, Pot Still Rum and so on. Because of the large variety of Rum types we work with, we can create endless different qualities.

Rum is produced, in cane-growing climates, in many islands / countries / regions throughout the world. Each origin has its own styles and traditions. Fermentation methods vary widely from industrially controlled to naturally wild. Rum is produced in a wide range of stills, from very artisan Pot stills to modern multi column stills.

At E&A Scheer we have all types of Rum available, which enables us to offer the full spectrum of styles, flavors and tastes available. We are specialists in creating custom-made Rum blends, a unique service in the World.

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