Casing and Top Flavouring for Tobacco

An application used since the 17th Century


Our Rum products are used in both casing and as a top flavour in the Tobacco industry. Rum has been used for these applications since the 17th century.

17th century sailors were the first to come up with the idea of putting their tobacco inside Rum barrels. They did so as to preserve the moisture of the tobacco, only to discover that the remnants of the Rum flavour left in the barrel were absorbed by the tobacco. The tobacco taste was suddenly quite different. This traditional method continues to play an important role in the Tobacco flavouring process.

Rum and Batavia Arrack, both flavourful alcohols, are very often seen as a good carrier for other aromas. These aromas mixed in with this carrier create a perfect mist for flavouring tobacco, as a top flavour. Rum is on the list of 599 approved additives in cigarettes for the five major tobacco companies.

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