Rare and Old Rum

Main Rum Company

Importation, blending and sale of Bulk Rum and sugarcane distillates, in particular Premium Aged Rums.

Specialists in Rum

The Main Rum Company specialize in the supply of selected premium quality Rums which are matured in small wood. We have a wide range of premium rare and old Rums in cask, from various origins and distilleries around the world.

We purchase quality aged and unaged Rums for further maturation in casks. The casks soften the Rum, remove the less pleasant elements and thus create a rich and versatile taste. Once they reach their optimum age, ready for bottling, they are released for sale to the client.

Rare and Aged Rum

An unlikely marketplace for rare and old Rum in casks from around the world, aged in small casks. We offer accessibility to buy exceptional Rum jewels from around the world and enable brand owners to enter the premium Rum market that would otherwise be unable to access.

This is where client, Rum blender and cask specialist work together to find the right balance of Rums that lead to the final product.

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