Our Products as a raw material in Flavour- & Fragrance Industry

Flavour & Fragrance

Our products are used as a raw material in the Flavour- & Fragrance production. Together with the flavourists of the Flavour- & Fragrance companies we find the perfect sugarcane distillate for their specific applications.

For the globally operating Flavour- and Fragance companies with many production locations, E&A Scheer is a reliable partner who can supply any volume, to every corner of the globe and make sure that a defined Rum quality is used globally to achieve consistency and efficient purchasing.

E&A Scheer supplies the majority of the leading Flavour- and Fragance companies and we are seen by most Flavour- and Fragance companies as the Rum specialist to turn to for advice. A reputation built over several centuries working in the Bulk Rum business.

Kosher Rums, Rums without caramel, high ester Rums, very oaky Rums; just some of the parameters set for a certain Rum type sought after. Using Rum as a 100% natural ingredient is often the replacement for a non-natural ingredient.

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