Three Centuries of Experience in Bulk Rum

Founded by brothers Evert & Anthonie Scheer in 1712

Back in the days

Originally E&A Scheer was founded as a ship-owning company in the 18th century, having a fleet of ships involved in the triangular trade of goods between Europe, Africa and the West Indies.

The return cargo from the West Indies to Europe included Sugar and Rum. A similar trade with the East Indies resulted in a return cargo of the local Rum, called Batavia Arrack.

In the 19th century.

In the 19th century the activities of E&A Scheer concentrated on shipping and trading of just Bulk Rum and Batavia Arrack. The company blended the original qualities in their warehouse to be able to guarantee consistency on quality of the products. Inventories were built in Amsterdam to ensure availability at short notice. All Rum and Batavia Arrack was shipped from the bonded warehouse in bulk to be sold to customers for industrial use or bottling. As business expanded, an enormous expertise in this particular field of trading and blending of bulk distillates was gained.

In the 20th century, business was stable

E&A Scheer was active in a market in which few companies could match the expertise built. Companies were acquired during time and the company positioned itself as the specialist in importing, trading and blending sugarcane distillates. New markets and applications were found, a stable and faithful client-base was established. However, the size of the company has grown substantially over the centuries.

In the 21st century, we are still going strong

New markets and applications were found.

Recent years have shown rapid expansion of the volumes and addition of new markets and customers. Logistic services have been added to the offering and E&A Scheer has developed into a full service and partnership oriented company for those in need of sugarcane based distillates for their industrial process supplying clients in more than 50 countries. E&A Scheer is ranked one of the oldest companies in the Netherlands, a reliable partner.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Acting as a global enterprise we have the philosophy of contributing to society through technology, we ensure compliance with environmental laws, guidelines and standards and are responsive to demands of our stakeholders on preserving the global environment and protecting people’s health and safety. We aim to be a company that contributes to the development of a more sustainable society

Our new building will incorporate current best-in-class environmental elements and energy efficient green building technology. Heating and cooling will be done with deep-well heat exchange technology, the design incorporates the use of environmental friendly materials.