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E&A Scheer is a Rum company specialised in sourcing and blending Rum for over 3 centuries

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Master blender and global supplier of Rum in bulk

As an independent company, E&A Scheer sources Rums from over 40 distilleries and origins worldwide. We ship these Rums to our specialised facility in Amsterdam, develop bespoke blends tailored to your requirements, then supply them in bulk with utmost consistency. Our team is constantly sourcing innovative new Rums to make sure our selection remains at the forefront of the industry. 

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Bulk rum suppliers

Specialists in rare and aged Rums in cask

Our sister company, The Main Rum Company, offers rare and aged Rums in cask. Their impressive selection is sourced from a wide range of origins and distilleries, stored in their cellars for further maturation, and offers a unique opportunity to enter the fast-growing premium Rum market. 

usp-barrel-light Premium quality rare and aged Rums
usp-barrel-light Matured in cask in our own cellars
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E&A Scheer provides access to an unrivalled selection of Rum, Cachaça, and Batavia Arrack from distilleries across the globe. We offer the complete spectrum of styles and profiles both in bulk and in individual casks. We are unique in offering this breadth of range – and this level of flexibility. 
Rum products
Rum, Rhum, Ron
Produced from fermented and distilled sugarcane, Rum is one of the world’s most diverse and versatile spirits. As such, it showcases a vast array of characters, types, and origins – providing endless possibilities for our master blenders to create your unique and distinctive blend.
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Rum Batavia Arrack
Batavia Arrack
Batavia Arrack is a pot distilled Indonesian Rum produced on the island of Java. The difference lies in the use of local red rice which is added to the molasses. See its potential for your products and markets with our expert guidance.
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Rum Cachaça
Cachaça is a Brazilian sugarcane distillate crafted from sugarcane juice rather than syrup or molasses. Discover Cachaça of Brazil, a sugarcane distillate renowned for its unique flavour.
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Recognised by the Dutch Royal Court

After blending and supplying bulk Rums across the globe over the last three centuries, E&A Scheer was exceptionally proud to be recognised by the Dutch Royal Court in 2017. The right to carry the royal mark is appointed only after the most scrupulous selection process and represents industry leadership, an untarnished reputation, and a distinguished track record of quality, reliability, and continuity. 

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