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Our business ethics

E&A Scheer is a global company operating across a multitude of regions, laws, and regulations. We believe that a uniform set of core values is essential to guiding us in delivering excellence, respecting people and the environment, acting with integrity, and adopting a creative and resourceful mindset.  

Our Code of Ethics and our Code of Conduct commit us to an ethical way of conducting business, working sustainably, engaging in partnerships, answering our customers’ concerns, and building long-term trust. 


Code of Ethics


Code of Conduct



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First value


We deliver goods and services to the highest standard, creating value and prosperity for all stakeholders. 
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Second value


We value all people equally - and place an equal amount of respect on the environments in which we do business.  
Rum Respect
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Third value


We are honest in everything we say and do, acting with integrity and transparency and always taking responsibility for our actions. 
Rum Integrity
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Fourth value


We find ingenious solution to the challenges our customers face, navigating them through the industry and always moving forward by thinking creatively. 
Rum Resourcefulness
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