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Short lead times of all qualities and quantities


In a world which has become a “global village” E&A Scheer has become a specialist in shipping Bulk Rum to any location in the World.

For over 3 centuries E&A Scheer has been importing sugarcane distillates as Rum, Batavia Arrack and Cachaça directly from distilleries located in a wide range of producing countries, to service a growing international market. This has always been vital for companies wishing to produce their own brands to be able to secure supplies of quality Bulk Rum, Batavia Arrack and Cachaça from the distant production locations.

E&A Scheer sources Rum from more than 25 different Rum distilleries located in more than 20 different origins and we export our blends to over 50 countries worldwide. Our large scale operations and long history make us one of the leading Bulk Rum companies in the world.

We are now servicing our markets with a stable quality product and short lead times. Our extensive inventory allows our clients the option of sourcing their custom-made blends in smaller volumes.

In a world which has become a “global village” E&A Scheer is constantly looking for new producers and new markets.  

Packaging options


At E&A Scheer we have different packaging options available, which makes it possibly to supply any specific volume starting at 1.000 liter, which we pack in IBC.


For more information about our packaging and transport please contact our office.

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