Master Blenders for Three Centuries

Bulk Rum, Cachaça and Batavia Arrack

Rum Merchants to the World

E&A Scheer is a Rum company specialised in importing, blending and trading Rum, Batavia Arrack and Cachaça in bulk. With centuries of experience, we understand the needs of various industries.

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E&A Scheer offers expertise in bulk sugarcane distillates, mainly Rum and Batavia Arrack. It is our mission to develop and provide consistent Rum Blends for a range of industrial customers worldwide.

Independent and Accredited Rum company

E&A Scheer supplies Bulk Rum, Batavia Arrack and Cachaça in small or large quantities. We are an independent Rum company with access to the full range of Rums available, without restrictions to individual Rum distilleries.

E&A Scheer recognises that to compete in todays business environment there is an ever growing need for companies and their products to be officially accredited. As a result we carry many certifications to provide proof of our competence and efforts in this field.

Serving all types of clients, from start-up brands to global spirits companies. At E&A Scheer we first ask what our customer is looking for and create the best suited Rum, Batavia Arrack or Cachaça based on those instructions. First we ask, and then we act.

We know where, and maybe more importantly, how to source those rums; making them available to our customers in the volume and form required. We have mastered the art of knowing how Rum types combine well together, and which rums to use for certain blends. And we love to turn intangible ideas into tangible fluids to satisfy the market.

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