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Master Blenders and Worldwide Suppliers of Rum in Bulk

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Three Centuries

of Experience in Bulk Rum

Create a Rum blend that perfectly fits your product and market

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The Best kept Secret in the Rum World

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A Reliable Partner in Bulk Rum

Short lead times to supply on all qualities and quantities

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The majority of our Bulk Rum, Cachaça and Batavia arrack is supplied to the Spirits industry.

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Flavour & Fragrance

We supply many of the leading Flavour- and Fragrance companies.

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Rum is a very usable ingredient for the Confectionery Industry.

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The Main Rum

Importation, blending and sale of Bulk Rum and sugarcane distillates, in particular Premium Aged Rums.

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Master Blenders and Worldwide Suppliers of Rum in Bulk

E&A Scheer is a Rum company specialized in importing, blending and trading Rum, Batavia Arrack and Cachaça in bulk. With centuries of experience, we understand the needs of various industries.

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Custom-Made Blends

We are an independent company specialized in blending and supplying Rum in Bulk to our industrial clients worldwide. We have access to the full range of available Rum qualities from more than 20 different origins, and use all these Rums to create custom-made blends based on your specifications and requirements.

Worldwide suppliers of Rum in Bulk

Direct availability from inventory of all qualities of Rum: from competitive priced light Rums up to very exclusive (aged) Rums, and any Rum quality in between.

At E&A Scheer we first ask what our customer is looking for and create the best suited Rum, Batavia Arrack or Cachaça based on those instructions. First we ask, and then we act.

E&A Scheer has two main product lines;

Bespoke Rum blends in bulk which are always reproducible out of Amsterdam

Unique, old, rare and aged Rum in casks out of Liverpool, by The Main Rum Company

First we ask, Then we Act

It is our mission to develop and provide consistent qualities of Rum in Bulk for a range of industrial customers worldwide.

Creating unique qualities and custom-made Rum Blends with a consistent quality.

E&A Scheer is an independent company with access to the various individual distilleries and distillates, which enables us to offer the full spectrum of styles, flavors and tastes available. Clients benefit from multiply advantages that our unique services offer:

Short lead times of all qualities and quantities: orders are ready for shipment within 7 working days.

We supply from our extensive inventories, therefore no need for our clients to hold large stock. Smooth logistics to any location in the world: we currently supply Rum to clients in more than 50 countries. No single distillery risk: purchasing risks are reduced considerably.

At E&A Scheer we first ask what our customer is looking for and create the best suited Rum Blend, based on those instructions.

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E&A Scheer recognises that to compete in todays business environment there is an ever growing need for companies and their products to be officially accredited. E&A Scheer is also registered within the REACH database and is member of SEDEX.